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5 Style outfits to steal from French movies

5 Style outfits to steal from French movies

At My Parisiennes, we remember a special French movie "La Piscine" (The Swimming Pool), an iconic reference in the cinema industry, directed by Jacques Deray. Starring the iconic Romy Schneider,  playing the romantic on the Riviera, the handsome Alain Delon, Maurice Ronet and Jane Birkin, in 1969, this film is an absolute reference of the eternally French chic. Still today, a few fashion designers still get inspired by the timeless style and beauty.

That time of the day. Ready to watch your favourite movie with a glass of wine, totally obsessed with the tantalised fashionable outfits that you will discover on your screen.

Let’s focus on 5 outfits that you can find on the movie and see how My Parisiennes can help you to adopt all these French basics in your own wardrobe.


1- When swimsuit is the epitome of elegance

White swimsuit - La piscine - Romy Schneider

In this French movie, Romy Schneider is only wearing black or white swimsuits, a simplicity that matches with her natural elegance.

Embrace this attitude and add in your wardrobe a timeless and elegant swimsuit from Statice Paris, the perfect choice to naturally underline the harmony of the feminine body.

Shop: The White backless swimsuit, Statice Paris


2- A Little Black Dress on any occasion


The little black dress - Jane Birkin - La Piscine

You have certainly heard that the Little Black Dress is always a good idea and a "must-have" in your closet... well that's true!!!

Discover the black dress made for you such as this beautiful silk dress from Capsule Collection by Juliette. Very chic, flattering and so comfortable to wear.

Shop your Little Black Dress: Cornelia, The Black Silk Dress, Capsule Collection by Juliette 


3- The simplicity of a White T-shirt, the key to French style

The white t-shirt - Jane Birkin - La Piscine

Since the very beginning, Jane Birkin enhanced her natural beauty in white t-shirts and light make-up. She adopted the French chic elegance with simplicity.

Find an Illustrated White T-shirt from Be Parisian, made in organic cotton to adopt the trendy, chic and casual style of the Parisian woman.

Shop: T-shirt Hippie Chic, Be Parisian


4-  French espadrilles as a fashion staple

French espadrilles - Romy Schneider - La Piscine

Romy Schneider is wearing a man's shirt paired with a navy pant and French espadrilles.

You are looking for some authentic espadrilles, discover the chic and casual French espadrilles from Escadrille Paris.

Shop: Grace glitter honey espadrille by Escadrille Paris


5-  The timeless classic White-Shirt

The white shirt - Romy Schneider - La Piscine 

The white shirt is another basic in the wardrobe. Combine the masculine and feminine side with this perfectly cut white Fanny shirt made with a blend of perfect fabrics, style and refined details.

Shop Fanny the White Shirt by Maison Jeanne


Now, if you want to immerse yourself in the universe of French movies, stay tuned with Les Offres Canal Plus that will propose you a large selection of movies to watch and watch again to perfect your French.



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