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What is the difference between fashion and style?

What is the difference between fashion and style?


Fashion versus Style: two different concepts. It can even be an interesting debate between fashion addicts and "philosophers" of elegance. 


Is fashion still fashionable?

Of course, we all know what fashion is: clothes, accessories ... that the media "advises us" to make sure that we have the right trendy look of the day, able to blend in the mass. Fashion and communication experts skilfully developed this further through social media and celebrities. 

“Et oui”, the gurus are everywhere to tell you how to dress, behave, make up and almost how to think. Eternally conformist and singular, fashion drives us to follow the dress standards of a society, at a given time, responding to the common values of a culture. It probably responds to a need to be accepted in society and can sometimes be seen as a form of dictatorship. Yes yes, the tyranny of fashion is imposed on us and spreads like a tidal wave in magazines.

Fashion changes every year, a trend usually lasts between 1 and 3 years and globalisation means that fashion standardises our societies. However, there are different trends that allow everyone to identify themselves with a group, a movement of thought or a way of life. This can sometimes even be an aspiration to want to identify with others, your neighbour, your co-worker, an actor, an actress, or even a reality TV star.


But what is Style?  

Style is this "je ne sais quoi", which will make the difference, YOUR difference. Style is an extension of your personality, a way of expressing who you are, but also a way of expressing emotions, of affirming your thoughts, your philosophy of life, of giving indicators to the world on your art of living through your taste in clothes.

The advantage with style is that it lasts. It is timeless and very personal. Therefore to dare to assert your style, it is important to know yourself, to know how to assert yourself and sometimes do not care about people might say. It's up to you to get to know which cut, which shape, which colour, which fabric suit you the best and if necessary, dare to get help from an image consultant (discover our service "French Up Your Style" here).

Style can be achieved through time, experience and practice. The more you get to know yourself, the more you refine your style. Also, it is important to learn how to feel confident. Confidence is also something that you can learn through age, a way to empower yourself.


fashion versus style - Quote Chanel - My Parisiennes


Combine fashion and style 

After all this, you are certainly wondering: do we have to follow fashion? Well yes ... but not for the reasons you believe. In fact, you have to keep abreast of new trends, get inspired to adapt it to your own style.

Let’s summarise: fashion is collective, style is personal. Fashion goes, style lasts. It's up to you to find the right balance and the harmony of clothing that will make your own difference.


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Let's finish this reflexion with this French quote:

Roland Barthes: "It's a long time since fashion dictated its dictate, where the designers decided with a single stroke of a pencil, each season, the length of the skirts, the width of the pants, the height of the heels, and the colour of the whole. Today, even if some big trends dominate, there is a great wind of freedom that blows on the garment."



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