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Inside out with... Statice

Inside out with... Statice

Rencontre with Alix Arnoux,

Parisienne, fashion designer at Statice


How did you come to design swimwear? 

I believe that women should be able to look beautiful, even when wearing a bikini. And I’ve found that most swimwear does not work with the female shape to underline its natural beauty. STATICE focuses on quality, elegance and simplicity. Its cuts are well-thought-through and timeless for a long-term perfect fit.


How do you define the Parisian style? Could you name us a "Parisienne" you like?

The Parisian style has a timeless elegance, a classic flair that is not easily described, but that you will directly witness when walking in the streets of Paris. Marion Cotillard, definitely.


Could you tell us the origin of the name "Statice"?

“Statice”, or Sea Lavender, is a flower that grows underwater. More than a name, it is a tribute to the region I grew up in and to a period of my life.


How would you define your mood board to get your inspiration?

I fuel my inspiration with travels, people, nature, colours, architecture … anything can be a great source of inspiration to me.


What is your must-have accessory?

A Statice pouch to keep my bag organised, anytime of the year.


Where is your secret place in Paris?

Piscine Molitor is a fantastic place to relax in Paris: much more than a swimming pool, you can go there for Spa treatments or coffee.


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