MY_PARISIENNES_HD-05987.jpgPhoto: Stéphane Spatafora

Passionate, romantic, audacious...
Karine and Caroline are behind the window sharing the same vision of excellence à la Française. 
The idea is born around a café gourmand between friends: they made their mind with a new mission to challenge themselves to spread the exceptional French savoir-faire (know-how).
During a shopping time in the Marais in Paris or on the terrace of a café, Karine and Caroline managed to find us talented designers who they love telling and sharing their stories with.

"After 15 years of experience in a prestigious Parisian Maison de luxe, Karine followed her husband with their three children in Australia.
Mother, hard-worker and organised, I have been amazed by the way Karine can manage her life-work balance.
I love working with Karine who is always positive sharing her strong passion for retail."
"In spite of an exciting life in the event industry during 10 years, especially with the Cannes Film Festival, Caroline started a new adventure in Australia in 2012.
Later on, passionate about style and lover of our French culture, she created her blog called Fren'Chic Touch.
Caroline is a mix of audacity and classicism by succeeding to become a French reference in Australia."


"In France what makes the difference is your style. Be dare to be you by wearing exclusive pieces to highlight your uniqueness and definitely find your je ne sais quoi.”



"Being fashionable is pretty easy but being chic is less so. It’s an attitude, a way of moving, an infinity of shades that make elegance. Paris is the very place where the Chic gets crafted.”