French Riviera look
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French Riviera look

Get your French Riviera style with our exclusive French designers

La Côte d’Azur known as the French Riviera in English is a place that allows you to escape, dream, and express your creativity with the perfect sea, yachts and beautiful beaches..

Spotlight on this place in France that makes my Parisiennes dream while we are enjoying the Australian Summer.

Leave your legging and sneakers at home, discover the stylish suggestions prepared for you and embrace your French Riviera Style.

Shop the look:

1- Beach towel La Palmeraie, Les Antillaises

2- Dress bianca, Vanina Escoubet 

3- El Dorado hoop earrings, Gas

4- Bracelet Diva Lagon, LoEtMa

5- T-shirt Wild, Be Parisian

6- Swimwear Dalia one piece Aloha, Daiva

7- Biarritz Polo Dress, Ocean Light 

8- Watch Barcelona Milanese Mesh, Aight 

9- Fouta towel, Gili’s

10- Trawangan Turquoise Submarine, Gili’s