A Summer Look in (bleu)
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A Summer Look in (bleu)

Every week, my Parisiennes wants to inspire you with a total look that you can find on our online boutique. 

What if blue was the trendy colour for this summer? Well we can tell you it was the case in France.

Colour of escape, turquoise, cyan, navy, electric or ethnic…

there are blue(s) for everyone’s style and we love it.

Elegant colour, the blue has always been the favourite colour for a few designers,

a general catch-all especially since the jean’s creation in the 50’s,

this colour has totally revolutionised the fashion world.

For this reason, at My Parisiennes, we have decided to give you a few suggestions

to transform your wardrobe and add a solemn blue twist with our items. 

1- Lolita Infinite Skater dress, Daiva
2- Band Ring Fibula, Agnès de Verneuil
3- Cuff bracelet Fibula, Agnès de Verneuil
4- The blue bikini, Statice
5- Goa bag, A French Summer
6- T-shirt Wild, Be Parisian
7- Diva Turquoise, LoEtMa
8- Diva Esmeralda, LoEtMa
9- The blue swimsuit, Statice
10- Anastasia Earrings, Gas
11- Beach Towel La Caribéenne, Les Antillaises




I love France and all things French. So am really pleased you have started this website. Your products are beautiful and are high quality. I look forward to visiting your site regularly.

Kerrie Egan Dec 20, 2017

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